April 16, 2003

A Golden Eagle Feather ~ My Gift


Tradition says that

A Golden Eagle Feather

Is the highest tribute

To any tribal member…

It can only be given

To those who have earned

Never to be taken from

This Sacred Bird…

For it’s connection to

Wakan Tanka

It’s feather’s believed

To brush the face of God

Powerful medicine to all it brings…

From the East Wind

Comes the Spirit of Sunkmanitu Tanka

The Wolf Spirit, My Spirit

As Medicine Wolf I send to you

A Golden Eagle Feather…

A gift of greater magnificence

I could not give

It’s significance throughout your life

Life Well lived…

So now with much love and preparation

From the Soul of Medicine Wolf

Comes the Spirit of Sunkmanitu Tanka

With my gift of the Golden Eagle Feather on the East Wind…

For your deeds of Bravery,

For your gifts of Generosity

For your Self-Sacrifice

For the Wisdom you have given

For the Friendship you have bestowed

Indeed you have earned this

Sacred Treasure

May it help you always

To keep your Courage

Give you Wisdom

Bring you joy…

My gift to you Firehark…

Medicine Wolf

Native American Poetry
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