March 18, 2014

Acolapissa Timeline


The Acolapissa were Choctaw speaking hunter/farmers of the lower Mississippi River in Louisiana.  They occupied the Natchitoches for some time, having a battle upon their separation.  After decimation by a smallpox epidemic, and having suffered a slaving raid by the British and Chickasaw, this tribe allied with the French. 

They ultimately confederated with the Houma and followed their fortunes. Eventually, the remaining Acolapissa were absorbed into the Houma tribe in Louisiana.

Year History
1697 Smallpox epidemic
1698 Encountered d’Bienville, Acolapissa had just been in battle with British and Chickasaw (slaving raid)
1701 Acolapissa sold by Virginians as slaves for the Carribbean Islands
1702 Had suffered population losses due to previous epidemic, removed from Pearl River to Lake Ponchartrain, joined by Natchitoches
1714 Battle with Natchitoches causing separation
1718 Moved across Mississippi River to near New Orleans
1739 Joined Houma and followed their fortunes
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