October 27, 2004

Anishinabe prayer carrier


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The graceful bird of the skies, the eagle, is the prayer carrier and messenger of the Anishinabe people. As the eagle soars arose the skies, one knows he is carrying the prayers to the Creator.The eagle has great significance for the Anishinabe people when it comes to healing ceremonies and ceremonies honouring and respecting other people. Although people of different cultures may have different beliefs, respecting others’ beliefs is part of the growing process in the Anishinabe way of life.

As a person begins to grow more spiritual, he learns to respect and honour the graceful eagle of the skies. An individual might see himself as the eagle when he prays for the people who are in need of prayer to get them through the rough spots on the road of life.

In the healing ceremonies performed by the medicine man or woman, the eagle carries the sickness out of the body and up to the Creator for healing. The person who is must believe in the power of the prayer carrier.

When ones sees this graceful bird flying overhead, one should pray with tobacco in his hand and give thanks to the eagle for showing himself.

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