February 6, 2002

Autobiography of Geronimo: Varying fortunes of the bedonkohe apaches


Source: As told by Geronimo, Public Domain Documents

In the fall of 1865 with nine other warriors I went into Mexico on foot. We attacked several settlements south of Casa Grande, and collected many horses and mules. We made our way northward with these animals through the mountains.

When near Arispe we made camp one evening, and thinking that we were not being trailed, turned loose the whole herd, even those we had been riding.

They were in a valley surrounded by steep mountains, and we were camped at the south of this valley so that the animals could not leave without coming through our camp.

Just as we had begun to eat our supper our scouts came in and announced Mexican troops coming toward our camp.

This article has permanently moved to our new apache tribe website in the bedonkohe apache indians (Chiricahua) section.



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