January 27, 2005

Blessed to be Cherokee


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Big sky above me where Eagle roams

Mother Earth below me where I call home.

Friends of the forest give life to me,

Bounty in my valley is here to see. I awake peaceful with morning sun,

I sleep under contented moon when my day is done.

Bear offers her coat to keep me warm,

So it has been since I was born.

Grandmother sings to her totem spirits,

What pleasure I feel in her tender lyrics.

The smell of smoke on cooking fire,

Great Spirit gives me what I require.

Here by my mountain with vision dreams,

Beside cool waters of life’s giving streams

I hunt, I fish, I pray, I love,

And hear the hauting trill of the mourning dove.

Blessed as Indian from my birth,

Yellow iron cannot buy what this is worth.

A gift from the Great Spirit given to me,

Yes, I am Cherokee.

Martha Moongazer Beard

December 31, 2004

Native American Poetry
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