July 4, 2014

Catawba Timeline


The Catawba tribe traditionally lived aAlong the banks of the Catawba River in North and South Carolina. Today, they have a 640-acre reservation near Rock Hill, South Carolina. This tribe was federally recognized in 1993. Here is a timeline of important events in their history.


  • In 1566, the first contact was made with Europeans.


  • In 1650, the Catawba and the Iswa united.


  • The British began to colonize the area that is now South Carolina in the 1670s. The Catawba allied themselves with the new settlers for protection against their traditional enemies – the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Shawnee.


  • From 1689-1763, the Catawba fought with the British in the French and Indian Wars.


  • During the 1700s, the Catawba absorbed many smaller tribes, which had been devasted by European diseases and war.


  • In 1711, they fought with the British against the Tuscarora of North Carolina.


  • Joined with other native tribes and fought against the colonists during the Yemassee War in 1715.


  • In 1763, a 15-square-mile South Carolina reservation was established for the Catawba.


  • Fought with the colonists against the British and Cherokee in the Revolutionary War in 1776.


  • South Carolina, in 1840, promised the Catawba cash and a new reservation in exchange for the land they occupied. The land was sold but the state did not keep its promises. The Catawba moved briefly to North Carolina. Some joined the Cherokee.


  • The Catawba returned to South Carolina and purchased 600-plus acres from the state in 1850.


  • In 1973, the Catawba reorganized and formed a non-profit corporation.


  • The Catawba were awarded renewed federal recognition in 1993. At this time, they were paid $50 million NOT to reclaim 144,000 acres of their land in York County.
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