August 5, 2014

Copper Inuit Subgroups


The Copper Inuit lived within geographically defined subgroups or villages.


  • Ahiagmiut: Ogden Bay
  • Akuliakattagmiut: Cape Bexley
  • Ekalluktogmiut: Ekalluk River, Albert Edward Bay; central Victoria Island
  • Haneragmiut: Dolphin and Union Strait
  • Haningayogmiut: Back River
  • Kaernermiut: Back River
  • Kangiryuarmiut: Prince Albert Sound, Cape Baring, central Victoria island; Nelson Head on Banks Island
  • Kangiryuatjagmiut: Minto Inlet; between Minto inlet and Walker Bay
  • Kilusiktogmiut: Victoria Island; Coronation Gulf area at the mouth of the Mackenzie River
  • Kogluktogmiut: Bloody Falls on the Coppermine River, Dease River, and Great Bear Lake (McTavish Bay); Coronation Gulf, southeast of Cape Krusenstern
  • Kogluktualugmiut (or Utkusiksaligmiut – “the dwellers of the place where there is pot stone”): Tree River (“Kogluktualuk”), 80 mi (130 km) east of the Coppermine River
  • Kogluktuaryumiut: from the mouth of the Kogluktuaryuk River which flows into Grays Bay on up river; Grays Bay and the Coronation Gulf ice off of it
  • Kugaryuagmiut: Kugaryuak River
  • Nagyuktogmiut (or Killinermiut): Nagyuktok Island, one of the Duke of York Islands; central Coronation Gulf; Victoria Island northeast of Lady Franklin Point; mainland east of Tree River; Dismal Lakes near the head of Dease River; (“Deer Horn Esquimaux”)
  • Noahonirmiut (or Noahdnirmiut): Liston and Sutton Islands in the Dolphin and Union Strait to the mainland: north of Rae River, south of Lambert Island
  • Pallirmiut: mouth of the Rae River (Pallirk) and head of Dease River; Coronation Gulf, southeast of Cape Krusenstern
  • Pingangnaktogmiut: Pingangnaktok (“it blows a land wind”), inland west of Tree River
  • Puiplirmiut (or Puiblirmiut): Dolphin and Union Strait near Liston/Listen and Sutton Islands; also north and northeast of Simpson Bay on Victoria Island
  • Ugyuligmiut: north of Minto Inlet
  • Ulukhaktokmiut: Ulukhaktok (formerly known as Holman), after the copper used in ulu making that was found there
  • Umingmuktogmiut: permanent village of Umingmaktok (Umingmuktog) on the western coast of Kent Peninsula; Bathurst Inlet
Tribes by Confederacy
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