August 4, 2004

Encouraging Native American Voting in Upcoming Elections


It is time once and for all make our voices known through the voting polls of America!! Enough is enough for only peace meal answers and solutions. Every year we march to Congress to lobby for our needs and concerns and yet in some of our tribal areas we live in worse worse thab third world conditions.

My home village in Alaska has 80% unemployment rate and yet in the news we see America’s economy is alright. Yet we are a few miles away from corporate American and why not create TAX INCENTIVES TO OUTSOURCE TO NATIVE AMERICANS FOR SOME OF THEM HAVE INDUSTRIAL OR COMMERCIAL SITES WHERE AN BUSINESS CAN LOCATE ON TRIBAL LANDS.

Some of our Reservations have colleges or community colleges so we have a growing professional force in development. Instead of letting the Department of Interior handle our Trust Fund turn it over to tribes for among us are financial geniuses, financiers, bankers, professional business and we have the ability to better handle our trust fund then the federal government. Why not just turn it over to us so we can meet and once and for all completely eliminate our plight of social and economic failures under the federal government rules, regulations and policies.

Under the Federal Reserve System Tribes can leverage this Trust Fund and gain more wealth then what interest is being drawn by the Federal Government.

We see American Dollars going to other countries and yet since the inception of this country America we have never been fully compensated for our loses. Yet we see America pouring dollars overseas to other countries to build their infrastructures and yet the wars against us American Indians and the taking away of our lands we have never been fully compensated. Yet we see American Dollars going to Iraq to rebuild over there and while we American Indians confronting poverty ever since the start of this Country America. Why have we not been brought up into parity in education, housing, health, social and economic well-being of all of our tribal people?

Just give the American Indians their compensations for land, water, resources and taking of our lives during expansion of America. In 1862 the Sand Creek Massacre took place and just now today the federal government is bring compensation and closure to the current day family of those massacred. So the importance of voting is Congress approves or disapproves all of our tribal programs: Education, Social Services, Tribal Law and Order, BIA Housing, HUD Housing, Health Services and other health issues.

When a New President is elected the U.S. Senate has Confirmation Hearing of his Cabinet and many times American Indians suffer with these Appointees because we did not say ya or nay to the approval by writing to the U.S. Senator we elected or suppose to elect.

So Get OUT AND VOTE!!!! Your Native Voice needs to be heard and it is time to eliminate our plight once and for all!!!!

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