April 22, 2013

Enrollment requirements of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation


Genevieve Fields, Enrollment Officer
Ph (435) 234-1267

This department is responsible for the enrollment and updating of tribal membership for the tribe issuing and receiving enrollment applications, issuing tribal identification cards, researching and gathering information, sending correspondences to various tribes and applicants, and preparing completed applications to present to the Goshute Enrollment Committee.


Upon receipt of an application, it is reviewed for completeness. The documents required to complete an application is the applicant’s original birth certificate and a copy of his/her social security card. In the case of an adoption, the original birth certificate with the name(s) of the biological parent(s) is required as proof of lineage. If an applicant possesses more than one tribal blood degree, the other tribe(s) is contacted for dual membership information and CDIB’s on the parent(s) and grandparents. Once all information is received, the application is presented to the Enrollment Committee for their recommendation to the Goshute Business Council who makes the final decision and notifies the applicant and/or sponsor of their decision by certified letter.

In March 2007, the blood degree requirement for membership was lowered to 1/8 Goshute with the exception of adoption. According to the Enrollment Ordinance. To be adopted by the tribe an individual needs to be 1/4 Goshute. In the future, the Enrollment Committee plans to amend the Ordinance so that it coincides with the tribe’s Constitution and By-Laws, and to lower the blood degree requirement under Adoption to 1/8 Goshute.Genealogy Resources:

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