August 14, 2017

Fernandeno Indians


The nearest relatives of the Fernandeno were the Gabrielino and both belonged to the California section of the Shoshonean Division of the Uto Aztecan linguistic stock.

Seal of the Fernandeno Mission IndiansFernandeno. So-called from San Fernando, the name of one of the two Franciscan missions in Los Angeles County. Location. In that part of the valley of Los Angeles River above Los Angeles. Villages Hahamo, north of Los Angeles. Kawe, northwest of Los Angeles. Mau, north of Los Angeles. Pasek, at San Francisco Mission. Population. Kroeber (1925) estimates that, with the Gabrielino and Nicoleno, the Fernandeno numbered 5,000 in 1770; they are now practically extinct.

Uto-Aztecan Language Family
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