February 24, 2014

Florida Indian Reservations


About fifty-four indian tribes have been associated with the state of Florida at one time or another. Many of these tribes are now extinct, or were combined to make new tribes, or removed from the state by the US Government. At one time, there were eleven different reservations in Florida. Today, there are seven federally recognized american indian reservations in Florida and one reservation recognized by the State of Florida.
Federal Reservations;

  • Big Cypress Indian Reservation
  • Hollywood Seminole Indian Reservation
  • Miccosukee Indian Reservation
  • Brighton Reservation: Federal, Tribe: Seminole
  • Seminole Reservation
  • Tampa Reservation
  • Immokalee Reservation

State Reservation:

  • Florida State Indian Reservation:State, Broward County, Tribes: Miccosukee and Seminole

Disbanned Reservations?

  • Creek Reservation
  • Dania Reservation
  • Florida Reservation (1839-1847)


Reservations by State
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