November 16, 2005

Gary Ampel, Native American and Wildlife Artist


Gary Ampel is a Wildlife artist who also captures on canvas the majesty of the American Plains Indians. He paints in a realistic style, working in oils and acrylics. Gary Ampel has been a professional artist and portrait painter for the past thirty eight years.

Gary Ampel

During his youth, Gary Ampel supported his family by working the outdoor art show circuit, traveling the East Coast in a motor home from Maine to Florida, and over to Houston and Chicago.

During these years, his work became nationally and internationally known when it was picked up for print production by Scafa/Modernart of The Art Publishing Group and Bon Art of Art Resources International Ltd.

You may have seen his original art at out-door art festivals such as the Gold Coast in Chicago, the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit (aka the Greenwich Village Art Show) in downtown New York City, the Coconut Grove Art Show in Miami, the Corn Hill Art Festival in Rochester, NY, the Hunter Mt. Summer Festivals, Hunter, NY, the Dutchess County Fair, Rhinebeck, NY, and the Allentown Art Festival, Buffalo, NY.

Gary Ampel was also commissioned to do a plate series with the Franklin Mint Co. called the White Wolf Collection.

Mr. Ampel now lives in Phoenicia, NY in the Catskill Mountain State Park where he has lived for the past twenty eight years. Contact him at

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