February 24, 2002

Grizzly Bears


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A university advertised for an assistant to work with a group of captive Grizzly Bears. They had two applicants, a beautiful young female biologist and a middle aged Shoshone man.

The professor in charge of the project, knew not everyone could handle working with such fearsome creatures, so he decided to test their skills with bears. The two hopefuls followed him out to the bear pen.

He first asked the young woman to show him what she could do.

She entered the cage, stripped down to her bikini, and the largest bear walked up and nuzzled her legs.

The astonished professor, turned to the Shoshone and said, ” Can you do that?”

” You’re damn right “, said the Shoshone, ” Just get that dam bear away from her first.”


Littlewolf is an electrician from the UK who is interested in American Indian Studies.

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