August 9, 2015

Hualapai’s of the Twenty first century


The Hualapai Tribe of northwestern Arizona is among many of the forgotten tribes. Most likely if at any event among non-Indians we will be asked if you are Navajo. Why? Well of course they have the largest reservation and are just everywhere, they are better known. It is sad to say that most of the population of the United States will not know who we are or where we come from.

When I say we are from along the Grand Canyon, the non-indian will reply “oh, are you Havasupai?” No we are not Havasupai, nor are we Yavapai. We are Hualapai,  “The People of The Tall Pines.”

I know a lot of tribes besides my own are most of the time forgotten. I feel that people should be more aware and educated by their native american surroundings. The native american, no matter what tribe, will always be surrounding non-natives.

We should make ourselves known and make the non-native aware of us. In my college humanities class I am taking now, a fellow student had thought the native americans were extinct.

We are far from extinct, we are a rising generation in the twenty first century. Let’s be proud of who we are.

By: Charlotte Davis

Hualapai Tribe
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