November 13, 2014

Kiowa Creation Story


You know, everything had to begin, and this is how it was: the Kiowas came one by one into the world through a hollow log.

Saynday, the Kiowa trickster, transformed the subterranean- living Kiowas into ants, then commanded them to populate the earth’s surface. Exit to the surface was via a hollow cottonwood log.

A pregnant woman became lodged in the log halfway up, preventing the majority of the ant-people from emerging; hence there was a small nineteenth century population of Kiowas, since more than half of them are still trapped in the underground terrain.

Coming out of the log in a forest, then moving onto the plains, they passed from darkness and enclosure into openness and light. The supernatural being Saynday was the one who called them forth and he taught the Kiowa how to hunt and survive.

How they transformed themselves back from ants to people is still a mystery.

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