February 1, 2005

Life Giver


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Come Little Cricket, sing with me.

We will gather berries down by the stream,

Take them to the fire and make Berry Bread.

Tonight for the feast we shall all be fed.Fly Sister Bird and lead to me

The sweet honey from the locust tree.

It will sweeten the maize for food tonght,

Oh, bless you Sister Bird for the pure delight.

Hop, hop Brother Frog, find creeses for me,

Soft tender greens to present with the beans.

Brother Snake crawling in leaves of the forest,

Find good ramps for me to harvest.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for this beautiful day,

And Mother Earth’s bounty she so freely gave.

Tonight well fed, we will sing and dance,

Drums under the moon, our joy will enhance.

I take only what I need, with great respect

All else with my life I will protect.

Martha Moongazer Beard

December 31, 2004

Native American Poetry
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