November 15, 2014

Most Populous Indian Reservations


Here is a list of the 25 most populous indian reservations in the United States, as of 2000.


Navajo Nation (Ariz.-N.M.-Utah) 175,228
Cherokee (Okla.) 104,482
Creek (Okla.) 77,253
Lumbee (N.C.) 62,327
Choctaw (Okla.) 39,984
Cook Inlet (Alaska) 35,972
Chickasaw (Okla.) 32,372
Calista (Alaska) 20,353
United Houma Nation (La.) 15,305
Sealaska (Alaska) 15,059
Pine Ridge (S.D.-Neb.) 14,484
Doyon (Alaska) 14,128
Kiowa-Comanche-Apache–Fort Sill Apache (Okla.) 13,045
Fort Apache (Ariz.) 11,854
Citizen Band Potawatomi Nation–Absentee Shawnee (Okla.) 10,617
Gila River (Ariz.) 10,578
Cheyenne/Arapaho (Okla.) 10,310
Tohono O’odham (Ariz.) 9,794
Osage (Okla.) 9,209
Rosebud (S.D.) 9,165
San Carlos (Ariz.) 9,065
Blackfeet (Mont.) 8,684
Yakima (Wash.) 8,193
Turtle Mountain (N.D.) 8,043
Flathead (Mont.) 7,883

Population listed includes only the American Indian and Alaska Native population alone or in combination with one or more races. Total population of reservation, which includes non-Indians, is not given. A reservation’s total population is sometimes significantly larger than Indian population.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Census of Population and Housing, Profiles of General demographic Characteristics.

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