October 27, 2004

Native American Gathering Educational Program On Nov. 5


Native American Gathering Educational Program Is Nov. 5… KEYWORDS: Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center Native American Gathering at the River cherokee culture Muscogee culture Cherokee cultures Nov. 5 Tennessee Riverpark’s West Pavilion Muscogee (Creek) Nation Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Cherokee Nation of
Oklahoma Eastern Band of Cherokees Chattanooga Tennessee native american gathering in November traditional Muscogee foods Seminole patchwork and its meaning musical
instrument making contemporary American Indian visual arts storytelling
traditional Cherokee pottery making gourd carving beadwork Seminole history and culture Seminole Trail of Tears

Students, parents, teachers and all people interested in Native American and
local history will have an opportunity to experience the Muscogee and Cherokee
cultures up close Friday, Nov. 5 at the Tennessee Riverpark’s West Pavilion.

The Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center and Library (CIRCL) will host the
Native American Gathering at the River, an interactive, educational program ex
ploring the cultures, both past and present, of the people who first inhabited
the region.

The unique feature of this program is the inclusion of several cultural
authorities and artists who have traveled from Oklahoma to share information and
display traditional and contemporary art forms representing the Muscogee
cultures. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the Seminole and Cherokee Nations of
Oklahoma will be represented as well as the Eastern Band of Cherokees. Many of these
artists have never been in Chattanooga before.

The format of this program is casual to allow for questions and hands-on
participation by the audience. Topics to be discussed and/or demonstrated include
traditional Muscogee foods, Seminole patchwork and its meaning, musical
instrument making, contemporary American Indian visual arts, storytelling,
traditional Cherokee pottery making, gourd carving, beadwork and more.

In addition to the demonstrations, Emman Spain, Historic Preservation Officer
for the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, will be on hand to answer questions and
speak regarding Seminole history and culture. Gary Montgomery, acclaimed
Seminole painter will display his work and explain the scenes depicted in his
paintings. Travis Jackson, Jr. will be dressed in traditional Seminole clothing and
will present dramatic interpretations of the Seminole “Trail of Tears”.

The presentations will begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 1:30 p.m. rain or
shine. The public is encouraged to join the school groups, parents and

Admission fee is $2 a person. All proceeds go to help fund CIRCL’s
educational activities and are tax-deductible.

For further information contact Becky Gregory at (423) 756-4555.

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