March 12, 2002

Native Youth Movement (NYM) on a warpath


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Source: International Press Release

3 New NYM Chapters Form


More Native Youth Warriors Unite to Stand & Fight

(Tinde (Apache), Dineh (Navajo), Tiwa, Tewa (Pueblo) Traditional
Territories (Albuquerque, NM, January 18, 2002)–Three new Native Youth
Movement chapters have formed out of the need for Native Youth to stand
and protect our land and what is rightfully ours.

Native Youth from many red nations across Turtle Island (the white man calls it “USA”)
have joined the movement to fight for our Land, Water, Peoples, Way of
Life and our future.

The newly formed NYM chapters include Southwest NYM, which has members
across northern new mexico and colorado.

Las Cruses NYM has members in
southern new mexico and 515 NYM has members in central and northern

Jr. Garcia, a Mexica/Apache from Southwest NYM explains why he became a
NYM member, “I want to protect our Earth Mother from being raped and
abused the white man way, we no longer need to live the white many
ways. This is our Land; all of what they call United States is Indian
Land. We need our own villages back again, our land and water and we
will fight for all of this.”

Jr. Garcia wants everyone to know that the
Gathering of Nations Pow Wow will lead to the gathering of nations of
NYM in the near future, so be prepared.

This is Indian Land. To all
the Native Youth out there, Southwest NYM invites you to join us at
Gathering of Nations in April 2002.

When asked about why she became a NYM member, Tray, an Apache from the
newly formed Las Cruses Chapter said, “This is OUR LAND! It’s time
people realize who the real illegal aliens are; they put the borders
through our homeland and territory. We don’t recognize their borders.
The only illegal aliens here are the pilgrims and their descendents.”

Big Willis from the new NYM 515 Chapter sees the assimilation strategy
behind the government and its man-made system and proclaims, “It’s 515,
time to take back the land. Down with this rotten ass system! This is
Indian Land! The youth are going to uprise and take back what is
rightfully ours.”

It’s not stopping here, NYM is spreading from Alaska from Argentina.

Every Native Youth on a move is NYM and we hope they all apply the name
so we can work under a larger network and unite more Warrior Nations.



Jr., Southwest NYM

Tray, Las Cruses NYM

Phone (503) 363-2863

Big Willis, 515 NYM

RED POWER is the spirit to resist,

RED POWER is pride in what we are,

RED POWER is love for our people,

RED POWER is our coming together to
fight for liberation,

RED POWER in now!!!!!!!

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