February 25, 2014

New York Indian Reservations


There are 15 indian reservations in the state of New York.


New York Indian Reservations

Reservation: Allegany
Tribes: Onondaga, Seneca
Acres: 30,469
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), and May 20, 1842 (VII, 587).

Reservation: Cattaraugus
Tribes: Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca
Acres: 21,680
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), June 30, 1802 (VII, 70), and May 20, 1842, (VII. 587).

Reservation: Oil Springs
Tribes: Seneca
Acres: 640
Established by: By arrangement with the State of New York (see Ind. Aff. Rep. for 1877, 166). Seneca agreement of Jan. 3, 1893, ratified by act of Feb. 20, 1893 (XXVII, 470); act of June 7, 1897 (XXX, 89).

Reservation: Oneida
Tribes: Oneida
Acres: 350
Established by: Treaty of Nov. 11, 1794 (VII, 44); arrangement with the State of New York. (See Ind. Aff. Rep. for 1877. 168.)

Reservation:  Oneida
Tribes: Oneida, Onondaga, St. Regis
Acres: 6,100
Established by: Treaty and arrangement with the State of New York.

Reservation: St. Regis
Tribes: St. Regis
Acres: 14,640
Established by: Treaty of May 13, 1896 (VII,55), They hold about 24,250 acres in Canada.

Reservation: Tonawanda
Tribes: Cayuga and Tonawanda bands of Seneca
Acres: 7,549
Established by: Treaties of Sept. 15, 1797 (VII, 601), and Nov. 5, 1857 (XII, 991); purchased by the Indians and held in trust by the comptroller of New York; deed dated Feb. 14, 1862.

Reservation: Tuscarora
Tribes: Onondaga and Tuscarora
Acres: 6,249
Established by: Treaty of Jan. 15, 1838 (VII, 551); arrangement (grant and purchase) between the Indians and the Holland Land Co.



  • Allegany Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Cattaraugus Indian Reservation (New York)
  • Cayuga Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Mohawk Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Oil Springs Indian Reservation (New York)
  • Oneida Indian Reservation (New York)
  • Onondaga Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Poosepatuck Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Shinnecock Indian Reservation (New York)
  • St. Regis Indian Reservation (New York)


  • Tonawanda Indian Reservation (New York)
  • Tuscarora Indian Reservation (New York)


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