May 16, 2003



An elderly Indian shuffles into a newspaper office and asks if he can place a piece in the obituaries section. “No problem sir,” says the girl behind the desk. “That’ll be $1 per word.”

Nodding slowly, the old Indian writes: ‘Doris is dead’ on a piece of paper, and forlornly passes it back to the girl.

“Is that all you want to put in it?” asks the girl.

The Indian looks at her with sad eyes. “I’m afraid I only have $3,” he says, and begins to shuffle out of the door.

Feeling sorry for the old Indian, the girl says she’ll speak to the editor and see if she can get him a special deal.

“Wait here and I’ll see if we can work something out.”

Moments later she returns from the editor’s office, grinning broadly


“Good news,” she says. “The editor says you can have another $3-worth of words.”

Smiling gratefully, the old Indian takes another piece of paper and thinks for a moment.

Shakily, he then writes: “Doris is dead. Truck for sale.”

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