March 26, 2005

Oh Redman


Oh Redman

To My Beloved People and All Native Americans

Oh Redman tall and proud,

watch him take his stand.

To protect his humble people,

and their mighty sacred land.
O’re the Mother Earth he’ll roam,

this is where he makes his home.

Summers,Winters he will go,

Deserts,mountains,and forests below.

Hunting only for the need,

Takes no more takes no less.

For his people he must feed,

To show his bravery to past the test.

Oh Great Spirt hear my plea,

protect my people watch over me.

The Whiteman comes we must fight,

To protect our lands with all might

Our women scream, our childern cry,

and on this day we all must die.

Now we walk with our fears,

down the sad,Trail Of Tears!

Linda G. Johnson

Copyright ©2005 Linda G. Johnson

Native American Poetry
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