February 9, 2002

Ojibway Oral Teaching: Wolf and man


Source: Ojibway Oral Teaching

Boosoo (Hello).

My son, wolves were referred to as the guardian of our spirits.

Wolves are free spirits even though their packs are very organized.

A lone wolf is rarely found in the wild. Wolves are social creatures like you and I. Just as you watch over your sister so does a wolf watch his brother.

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Just as you listen to your father, so does a wolf to his mother. Just as our family eats together, so to does the wolf family.

My son, our people and the wolves are the same.

Long ago, wolves were as numerous as the stars. Many of them once watched over us. Now there are but a scattered few.

They were strong hunters and survived with what the earth would give them.

Although they would travel, they would never be far from home.

Each of them knew their place in the pack and always did their share. Without working together not only would they die but the entire pack would as well.

Our people are like the wolf, we need community, we need to work together and we need to do our share. Not only will you benefit but so will your people.

– Ojibway teaching

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