March 18, 2014

Pit River Indians Timeline


The Achomawi (Pit River Indians) were semi-sedentary hunter/ gatherer tribes located in the drainage of the Pit River in northeastern California. They were often called the Pit River Indians due to their practice of digging pits for the purpose of catching game. The tribes were often victims of slaving raids of tribes from the north and later were devastated by settlers in the years following the gold rush.


The Pit River Indians originally lived in 28 different villages. Today, they are part of the Alturas, Rancheria, Big Bend Rancheria, Likely Reservation, Lookout Rancheria, Montgomery Creek Rancheria, Round Valley Reservation, and the Susanville Rancheria.

Year History
1848 US Army invasion under Gen. Geo. Crook
1849 Gold rush brought influx of settlers and miners
1854 Rogue River Wars
1871 Began to practice Ghost Dance
1921 Smallpox epidemic
Tribal Timelines
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