December 27, 2006

Regalia Stolen, reward offered for their return


September 23rd, 2006, while visiting Palm Springs, California from Pine Ridge, South Dakota to take part in a powwow, a young girl, by the name of Delmarina One Feather was robbed of a piece of her heritage by an uncaring thief.

Delmarina’s dancing regalia was stolen from a white cab pickup outside Motel 6 in Palm Springs. The regalia was inside a red suitcase within the pickup.

Delmarina and her family hand-made each piece of her regalia. The design for the regalia is historical in nature as it was handed down through the generations. The historical design makes the regalia of special import to Delmarina and her family. Completing the regalia took approximately a year and a half.

Delmarina One Feather in stolen dance regalia

Champion dancer Delmarina One Feather from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota had her dance clothes stolen Sept 23,2006 at the Morongo Valley, CA Motel 6. She is wearing the items taken in the photo above. There is a reward offered for the return of the items taken. Call 605-867-5154 if you have any information on their whereabouts.

The items stolen include: full beaded cape, eagle feather fan, beaded hair ties, beaded purse, beaded chief’s blanket and other accessories such as pouches, full-beaded trailer, breastplate and plume. The feathers in the eagle feather fan are real Bald Eagle feathers. 

Her family has tried to replace as much of the regalia as they can from items already in their home. Regalia when buying it outright is very expensive, in the hundreds of dollars.

Delmarina is a Champion Dancer and as such has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada to attend powwows. From South Dakota to Washington D.C. She is well-known in the powwow circuit for her dancing, she has her own style and people enjoy watching her dance. She is a young girl who has shown her commitment to her people and her heritage. Her desire over the years to travel, dance, compete and create, by hand, her regalia reveals her deep commitment. She truly has lost a part of her soul and her spirit with the loss of her regalia.

Puzzling to her and her family is the fact that there would be no meaning in the items stolen to the person who took them. None at all. The items have much meaning to Delmarina and her family. There is significance in each item and the intricate design.

Delmarina has also been hurt by implications of carelessness. People seem to forget the disrespect shown by the person who stole the items, forget the fact that there was a total lack of respect for another’s belongings or the length of time spent making each one of the items. Someone entered a vehicle that was not theirs and knowingly stole from another. These items are a part of Delmarina’s soul, spirit and heart. She cherished the items for what they represented to her, her family, and her people.

According to Special Agent Tim Eicher of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife office in Cody, Wyoming; as the feathers in the items missing are those of the Bald Eagle, the perpetrator now also stands to face federal charges. The Bald Eagle is protected not only by the fact that it is one of many birds listed under the auspices of the Migratory Bird Treaty but also the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act along with being listed on the Endangered Species Act of 1973. 

If you know Delmarina and are reading this, then you are familiar with the items which were stolen, please keep your eyes open in the hopes they will turn up. If you know where the items are please call either the City of Palm Springs Police Department at 760-416-5620 or call Delmarina at 605-867-5154. No questions asked. She would love to have them in her possession once again.

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