July 12, 2002

Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron


Spirit is a touching movie I had to go and see four times. This is the story of the Wild West as told from the heart of a mustang stallion during the encroachment of the Euro-Caucasians in the natural world west of the Mississippi.

Lessons to young children are subliminal in this movie. One such lesson is responsibility. Spirit is the Stallion leader of the herd. This is the only movie, cartoon or otherwise, that does not show the Native American in the typical stereotype of whooping and dressed in feathers.

The Native Americans in this movie are spiritual, enveloped in nature’s cycle, free, and family oriented. Their clothing is represented, as it truly was, breechclout, leggings, and moccasins. If there was a feather, it was a sacred emblem given to the horse, Rain.

The camp in the background showed the women working on the hides, or drying beef. The camp also showed family units and children playing.

The Euro-Caucasians were portrayed as they really were. They were intruders bringing destruction with no understanding or care of natural ways or the environment. They are depicted showing only wanting control over man and beast.

This is an excellent movie to take young grandchildren. It might awaken something inside. I hope they will feel the freedom, environment, and responsibility portrayed in this film.

I give this movie thumbs up!!!

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