April 3, 2008

Standing Horse wins Powwow Idol contest


Decades of experience accompanied the first Powwow Idol
contest winners. Yet, they have been performing together less than a year.

Standing Horse, a Rapid City-based group, came out on top in a seven-month
national online contest involving drum groups from the United States and
Canada. The contest goal was to find the best unsigned drum group on the

Although its members collectively have had decades of experience as singers
and drummers in various groups, Standing Horse formed only last May, said
Whitney Rencountre, one of the group’s lead singers.

“What this win does for us as a group is it’s basically a tribute to the
singers that have taught us. My grandfather, Whitney Rencountre the first,
taught me how to sing as a young boy, and all our singers also have
teachers who taught them the importance of being a singer and the role you
have to provide to your people as a singer; and we carry ourselves as a
drum group with those teachings in mind so this win, as I said, pays
tribute to all those singers who have carried on the tradition and have
passed it down to us. It’s a celebration of them,” he said.

Rencountre is Dakota and lives at the Yankton Sioux reservation where he
teaches Indian studies at the high school. All the members of Standing
Horse are Sioux, the majority being Lakota.

The Powwow Idol contest was sponsored by DrumHop Productions, a production
company that specializes in producing high quality recordings of pow wow
drum groups. Modeled on “American Idol,” the contest was hosted online at

As the winner, Standing Horse will record a live CD produced by DrumHop
Productions at the 2008 Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City, where the
group will be host drum. Standing Horse will also perform on a pow wow
cruise, and will be interviewed and have its music featured on a podcast at

In addition to Rencountre, who is known as “Witt,” the singers are Luke
Cloud, head singer; Grant Weston; Jonas Taken Alive; Jeremy Claymore; Joe
Picotte; Damen Rooks; Dallas DeCory; Chris Condon; JJ Weston; Isaac Weston;
Dave Lone Elk; and Austin Ducheneaux. The backup singers are Jessie
Rencountre; Jenny Lee Rooks; Tiffany Weston; Erin Taken Alive; and Nola

The female backup singers are called the wicagdata in the Lakota language,
Rencountre said. As the third circle of singers – the drum being the first
– the women’s voices add power to the drum, Rencountre added.

The drum itself was made by Gary Middle Rider, a drum-maker from Montana
who makes drums for drum groups and for educational purposes, Rencountre

The Powwow Idol contest began in early August 2007 and had 10 rounds. For
each round, drum groups were required to submit songs in the categories of
Intertribal; Victory/Veteran Song; Fancy Shawl or Fancy Feather contest
song; Northern: Crow Hop, Southern: Trot; Northern: Sneak Up, Southern:
Ruffle; Trick Song; Singer’s Choice; Flag Song; Round Dance; and Singer’s
Choice again for the finals.

The groups recorded their songs and sent them to DrumHop Productions, which
posted the recordings at for the public to vote on. The
group with the fewest votes was eliminated every couple of weeks.

In the last round, Standing Horse beat Wind Eagle Singers of Keshena, Wis.,
with a vote of 298 – 173.

Standing Horse sings traditional songs handed down as well as songs group
members compose. The winning song in the final contest was written by
Standing Horse member Luke Cloud, who composes many of the group’s original

As happy as Standing Horse was to win the Powwow Idol contest, it’s all
about the traditions that stand behind it, Rencountre said.

“In mainstream society, as we all know, it’s about the individual. In our
culture and belief system, the people come first. So this is a tribute to
our people; this is a win for our nation. That’s how I was taught and
that’s how I view it. It’s important to recognize our elders and the
singers who led the way for us to do this – to take on the role of being
singers and to be able to become song-makers.”

Standing Horse was expected to perform at the Denver March Powwow March 21.
For more information and to hear Standing Horse, visit

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