April 20, 2010

State Recognized and Unrecognized Cherokee tribes


State Recognized and Unrecognized Cherokee tribes and bands:

Note: This list contains 348 state recognized or unrecognized Cherokee “tribes” in three countries. This list may NOT be comprehensive.


Alabama (25)

1. Chero-Creek Intra Tribal Indians, Dothah, AL, State Recognized


2. Cherokee Nation of Alabama, Birmingham, Letter of Intent 2/16/99

3. Cherokees of Jackson County, Higdon

4. Cherokees of Northeast Alabama, Birmingham, State Recognized, Letter 9/23/81

5. Cherokees of Northeast Alabama, (formerly Cherokee of Jackson Co.), Collinsville, Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/23/81

6. Cherokees of Southeast Alabama, Inc., Dothan, 501(c) Non-Profit Corporation, State Recognized, Federal Letter of Intent filed 5/27/88

7. Cherokees of Southeast Alabama, Hoover

8. Cherokee River Indian Community, Moulton, 501(c)3 corporation, Letter of Intent to Petition filed 8/3/00, Website: The url http://www.cric.org/ has a notice on it that says, “For Sale to the Highest Bidder” and not much else.

9. Cherokee Trust, Alexander City

10. Chickamauga Cherokee of Alabama

11. Echota Cherokee Nation, Decatur, State Recognized, $45.00 annual membership, website: http://echotacherokeetribe.homestead.com/

12. Echota Cherokee Tribe, Birmingham, State Recognized,$45.00 annual membership, website: http://echotacherokeetribe.homestead.com/

13. Echota Cherokee of Alabama, Sylacauga, State Recognized,$45.00 annual membership, website: http://echotacherokeetribe.homestead.com/

14. Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Maylene, State Recognized,$45.00 annual membership, website: http://echotacherokeetribe.homestead.com/

15. Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Wolf Clan, Cooks Srpings, State Recognized, (A clan of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Website: http://www.echotacherokeewolfclan.com/

16. Free Cherokees, Eagle Bear Clan, (AKA Eagle Bear Band of Free Cherokees, Hamilton

17. Langley Band of Cherokee Indians in the Southeastern United States, State Recognized, Letter
4/15/94, Petitioned 4/20/94 and 1/11/95

18. North Alabama Cherokees, Creek Path/Willtown District, Scottsboro

19. Phoenician Cherokee II Eagle Tribe of Sequoyah, Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/18/01

20. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Fox Clan, Huntsville

21. The Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama, A.k.A. Cherokees of Jackson County Alabama, State Recognized, a 501c3 Non-Profit, Filed Federal Recognition Petition on 9/23/81, Enrollment requirements: Must be a resident of the state of Alabama. Must provide required documentation of Cherokee ancestry. Must not be a member of any other tribe.

22. United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation, (AKA United Cherokee of Alabama or just Ani-Yun-Wiya), State Recognized, Federal Recognition Petitioned 11/08/01, Website: http://www.ucan-online.org/ (Note: I found it odd that the About Us and Tribal Council links on their site don’t work, and under their Culture link, they discuss the culture of several unrelated tribes, but there is absolutely no information about their own tribe.)

23. United Cherokee Intertribal, Guntersville

24. United Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Daleville

25. United Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Midland City

Alaska (2)

1. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Big Lake

2. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Kenai


1. Cherokee Family Ties, Mesa

2. The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) – Also see Arkansas and Georgia

Arkansas (33)

1. Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee, Mammoth Spring

2. Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee INC (formerly Western Arkansas Cherokee Tribe) Sulphur Springs, a 501(c)3 corporation, Federal Recognition Petitioned 4/7/98, Website: http://www.arkansascherokees.com/index.html

3. Arkansas Band of Western Cherokees, Mountain Home, Letter 4/7/98 (Is this the same as #2 above?)

4. Arkansas Cherokee Nation (AKA Chickamauga Cherokee of Arkansas, Formerly a part of the Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri), Conway, a 501(c)3 corportation (Arkansas Cherokee Nation is a division of Chickamauga Cherokee Corporation, a Sac and Fox Nation Corporation), Federal Recognition Petitioned?Charges $35.00 per Enrollemnt Application. For this, they give you a tribal t-shirt and sticker. Proof of decendancy required to a Cherokee ancestor born before 1850. Classified as Category IV Cherokee with the U.S. Department of Interior, according to their website. Website: http://arkansascherokee.us/

5. Arkansas River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

6. Buffalo River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

7. Central Tribal Council, Federal Recognition Petitioned 01/21/03

8. Cherokee-Choctaw Nation of St.Fransis and Black River, Paragould, Federal Recognition Petitioned 08/01/06

9. Cherokee Nation West of Missouri and Arkansas (formerly Cherokee Nation West – Southern Band of the Eastern Cherokee Indians of AR and MO)

10. Chickamauga Cherokee Nation, Green Forest

11.Chickamauga Cherokee Nation White River Band (Now may be Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri), White River

12. Confederated Western Cherokees of Arkansas

13. Free Cherokees, Helena

14. Free Cherokees, Arkansas Bear Tribe Band, Mountain Home

15. Free Cherokees, Dung Beetle Society, Portland

16. Free Cherokees, Good Medicine Band, Hot Springs

17. Lost Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, Conway

18. Lost Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, Dover, 501(c)3 corporation, Federal Recognition Petitioned 02/10/1999, Convinced Arkansas Schools to register kids for Native American educational grants with a 5% “administration” fee to the LCN.
Website: http://www.lostcherokeetribe.com/

19. Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri, Jonesboro, Letter 2/10/99

20. Neches Tribe-Cherokee Nation, Hot Springs

21. Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory Website: http://ncnolt1.homestead.com/

22. Northern Cherokee Nation, Fayetteville

23. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas

24. Old Settler Cherokee Nation of Arkansas, Timbo, Letter of Intent 9/17/99

25. Ozark Mountain Cherokee Tribe of Arkansas and Missouri, Melbourne, Arkansas (and Alton, MO), Letter of Intent filed 10/19/99

26. Sac River and White River Bands of the Chickamauga Indian Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (formerly known as Northern Chickamaga Cherokee Nation of AR and MO), Fair Play, Letter of Intent 9/5/91

27. The Arkansas Cherokee

28. The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Western National Office, a 501(c)3 corportation. Enrollment application fee is $35.00, plus a $15.00 annual fee. No proof necessary. Only requires statement of Cherokee heritage claim. Also reports main offices in AZ and GA and “Clans” in every state including international “Clans” in Canada and Puerto Rico. Website: http://theucn.com/

29. Western Arkansas Cherokee Tribe, Midway

30. Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Louisiana Territories

31. Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas & Missouri, Paragould, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, Federal Recognition Application 05/01/98. Charges $60.00 Per Enrollment Application, plus a $10.00 annual fee. Website: http://www.westerncherokee.net/

32. White River Band of Northern Cherokee Indians, Fayetteville

33. White River band of the Chickamauga Cherokee Nation, Waldzon

California (13)

1. Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee

2. Ani-Yun-Wiya Society, Bakersfield

3. Ani Yvwi Yuchi (Cherokee)

4. Cherokees of California, Inc. Marysville

5. Cherokee Nation Heritage Organization of California

6. Cherokee Seven Clans Council, Bakersfield

7. Free Cherokees, Sutter Creek

8. Running Water Cherokee Indians, Bakersfield

9. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Buffalo Clan

10. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Manzanita Band, Redding

11. The Cherokees of California, Marysville, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Charges $20.00 for an Adult enrollment and $10.00 for a Minor. Website: http://www.cherokeesofcalifornia.com/

12. Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians, Twain Harte

13. White River band of the Chickamauga Cherokee Nation, Waldzon

Colorado (1)

1. Echota Cherokee, Denver

Connecticut (3)

1. Free Cherokees, Madison

2. Free Cherokees, Moon Band, Groton

3. Free Cherokees, Snake Band, Oakville

Florida (28)

1. Amonsquath Tribe of Cherokees, Bear Clan, DeFuniak Springs

2. Arkansas White River Cherokee, Lady Lake, Florida, Federal Recognition Petitioned 10/22/03

3. Chickamauga Cherokee Indian Creek Band, Deltona, 501(c)3 non-profit corportation,Federal Recognition Petitioned 2/19/04.Free to enroll.States in the application that you do not have to be Native American to become a member. Website: http://www.chickamaugacherokee.org/

4. E-Chota Cherokee Indian Tribe of Florida, DeFuniak Springs

5. E-Chota Cherokee Tribe of Florida, Sneads

6. Free Cherokees, National Veterans Band, DeLand

7. Northern Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, Miami, Letter 9/5/91

8. South Florida Cherokee Band, Bowling Green

9. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Orlando

10. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Jacksonville

11. Southeastern Cherokee, Confederacy, Sarasota

12. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sebring

13. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Bear Clan, Orlando

14. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Beaver Clan, Ft. Walton Beach

15. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Blue Clan, Sebring

16. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Crow Band, Ocala

17. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Long Hair Band, Tallahassee

18. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Many Lakes Band, Wachula

19. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Pine Knot Clan, Tarpon

20. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Rattlesnake Band, Bradenton

21. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Turtle Clan, Jacksonville

22. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Wild Potato Clan, Gainesville

23. Southeastern Cherokee and Creek Tribe, Orange Springs

24. Southern Band of Cherokees, Deland

25. Tchlaki Croatan Nation, Pompano

26. The Hunter Tsalagi-Choctaw Tribe, (AKA Choctaws of Florida) (AKA Hunter Tsalagi Choctaw Tribe) Marianna, Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/2/05

27. Tuscola United Cherokee Tribe of Florida, Inc. (formerly Tuscola United Cherkees of Florida and Alabama, Inc.), Geneva, Incorporated, Letter of Intent 1/19/79

28. Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Florida, a 501(c)3 corportation. Does not require proof but mentions ability to supply CDIB cards. Website: http://www.floridacherokee.com/

Georgia (49)

1. American Cherokee Confederacy, Leesburg and Albany, State Recognized

2. American Cherokee Council, Ochloknee

3. Bird Clan of the Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band, Albany

4. Broad River Band of Cherokee(affiliate of The Cherokee Indians of Georgia Tribe) Website: http://www.broad-river-band-of-cherokee.00server.com/

5. Cane Break Band of Eastern Cherokees, Dahlonega, Letter of Intent 1/9/79, Withdrew Petition 7/16/97, (rejoined Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, Inc.)

6. Chattahoochee Valley Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

7. Cherokees of Georgia, Hilliard

8. Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Council, Scottsdale, State Recognized

9. Cherokee Indians of Georgia, Inc., Columbus, Incorporated, Federal Recognition Petitioned 1/9/1979. Website: http://cherokee-indians-of-ga-inc.0pi.com/

10. Cherokee Indians of Georgia Inc., Albany, Letter 8/8/77, Petitioned 6/11/96

11. Chickamauga Cherokee Band of Northwest Georgia, Rossville

12. Dahlonega Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation, Dahlonega

13. Etowah Cherokee Nation, Quitman

14. Free Cherokees, Ball Ground

15. Free Cherokees, Marietta

16. Free Cherokees, Good Medicine Band, Cummings

17. Free Cherokees, Good Medicine Society, Mableton

18. Free Cherokees, Turtle Clan, Atlanta

19. Free Cherokees of Northwest Georgia, Rossville

20. Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (AKA Georgia Cherokee Indians), Cumming (1st), State Recognized, Petitioned 8/8/1977,$14.00 for enrollment application. Website: http://www.georgiatribeofeasterncherokee.com/

21. Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (2nd), Dahlonega, State Recognized, Letter of Intent 3/9/79, Petitioned for Recognition on 2/5/80

22. Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, Inc. (3rd), Dawsonville

23. Ossahatchee Creek Band, Etowah District, Southern Cherokee Nation

24. Pearl River Band, Etowah District, Southern Cherokee Nation

25. Southern Band of Cherokees and Creeks, Ellijay

26. Southeast Cherokee Confederacy

27. Southeast Kituwah Nation, Wayatali Uku, Warner Robins

28. SouthEastern Indian Nation,Federal Recognition Petitioned 01/05/97

29. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc. (American Cherokee Confederacy and Southeastern Cherokee Council) Albany, State Recognized, Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/78

30. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Adel

31. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Lake Park

32. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Ocklocknee

33. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sylvester

34. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Thomasville

35. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Valdosta

36. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Bird Clan, Waycross

37. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Dear Clan, Quitman

38. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Eagle Clan, Albany

39. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Fire Clan, Macon

40. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Holly Clan, Dearing

41. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc., Leesburg, Petitioned 3/9/78, Rejected

42. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Lower Etowah Clan, Rossville

43. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Panther Clan, Bainbridge

44. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Donaldson

45. Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc., Ochloknee

46. Tugalo Cherokee Tribe, Canton

47. Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli, Warner Robbins

48. United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Eastern National Office (Also see Arizona and Georgia), a 501(c)3 corporation. $35.00 Enrollment Application Fee, plus a $15.00 annual fee. No proof of ancestry required. Website: http://theucn.com/

49. Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli, Does not require proof for membership. Website: http://sekituwahnation.tripod.com/index/

Idaho (1)

1. Wild Potato Clan of the Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band, Nampa

Indiana (4)

1. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indiana, Federal Recongnition Petitioned 7/26/85

2. Midwest Cherokee Alliance

3. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Paint Clan, Rochester

4. Lone Wolf Band of Cherokee Indians

Kansas (3)

1. Kanasas (Awi Akta) District of NCNOLT

2. Kaweah Indian Nation (Chief Thunderbird Webber)

3. Neosho River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

Kentucky (9)

1. Black Wolf Clan of SE Cherokee Council, Inc

2. Cherokee Tribe of Kentucky

3. Delilah Whitecloud United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Kentucky

4. Kentucky Cherokee Heritage Group, Henderson

5. Rainbow Cherokees, Frankfort

6. Red Nation of the Cherokee (AKA Red Clay People of all Nations) (also operates in AR), $15.00 Annual Membership. Accepts any tribe for membership, not just Cherokee.

7. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Evarts

8. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Black Wolf and Warrior Society, Wallins

9. Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky, Henderson, Petition for Federal Recognition 9/13/06. Trying to pass off a letter of tribute by the govenor as proof of state recognition. Website: http://www.southerncherokeenation.net/

Louisiana (2)

1. Amonsquath Tribe of Cherokee, Deer Clan, Farmersville

2. Four Winds Band of Cherokee, State Recognized

Maryland (3)

1. Free Cherokees, Mechanicsville

2. Free Cherokee, Bird Clan, Chapitco

3. Free Cherokees, Wild Potato Band, Hollywood

Massachusetts (2)

1. Free Cherokees, Eagle Council, Reading

2. Free Cherokees, Wild Potato Band, Feeding Hill

Michigan (2)

1. Free Cherokees, National Veterans Band, Holt

2. Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc., a 501(c)3 corportation.$30.00 fee per Enrollment Application. Promotes registration of Bands for an additional $25.00 fee per band. Website: http://www.secci.com

Mississippi (1)

1. Free Cherokees, Star Hawk Band, Jackson

Missouri (24)

1. Ahi Ni Yv Wiya, Inc.

2. Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee. Van Buren, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Their website says they have applied for federal recognition, but no dates are given, and all links to supporting documentation under a heading that says, “Government-to-Government Federal and State Recognitions achieved by the Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee:” are broken. Their website says, “Our rolls are open to descendants of Powhatan and Pocahontas, of which there were over 13,000 in 1868, or to persons of Cherokee descent…If your family says you descend from Pocahontas, or if your family says you have Cherokee Blood, we want to talk to you!” No fee for enrollment application, but donations are solicited. Website: http://amonsoquathbandofcherokee.com/

3. Amonsquath Tribe of Cherokee, Hannibal, Letter of Intent 2/17/95

4. Amonsquath Tribe of Cherokee, Deering

5. Amonsquath Tribe of Cherokee, Powhatan Clan, Sparta

6. Central Missouri Cherokee Tribe, Centralia

7. Chickamauga Cherokee Nation, Rockport. State recognized, seeking federal recognition. Now may be Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri White River

8. Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, Republic, State

9. Cherokee Nation West, Southern Band of the Eastern Cherokee Indians of
Missouri and Arkansas, Seneca, Letter of Intent 5/11/98. Website: www.cherokeenationwest.com

10. Dogwood Band of Free Cherokees

11. Elk River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

12. Free Cherokees, Dogwood band, Ashland

13. Free Cherokees, Hummingbird Clan, Columbia

14. Missouri River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

15. Northern Cherokee Nation, Independence, State Recognized

16. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians, Columbia, Letter 7/26/85

17. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas, Clinton. Federal Recognition Petitioned 7/26/85

18. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Missouri, Columbia

19. Northern Cherokee Nation of Old Louisiana Territory, Columbia, Letter of Intent 2/19/92,
Petitioning for State Recognition, Petitioning for Federal Recognition. $30.00 Enrollment Application fee. Application asks for “MAIDEN and/or INDIAN or other name by which you are known.”

20. Ozark Mountain Cherokee Tribe of Arkansas and Missouri, Alton

21. Sac River and White River Bands of the Chickamauga and Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (formerly known as No. Chickamaga Cherokee Nation of AR and MO), Springfield, Letter of Intent to Petition 9/5/91

22. St. Francis River Band of Cherokee Indians

23. Western Cherokee, Salem, 501(c)3 corporation.

24. Wilderness Tribe of Missouri, Alton, Letter of Intent 8/16/99

Nebraska (1)

1. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Coyote Band, Barnston

New Jersey (4)

1. Cherokee Nation of New Jersey

2. Echota Chickamauga Cherokee Tribe of New Jersey, Irvington

3. Free Cherokees, Osprey Band, Mays Landing

4. Osprey Band of Free Cherokees

New York (12)

1. Cherokee Blackfeet Cultural Circle, New York, New York, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their website says, “As an intertribbal non-profit we do offer benefits to those who are unable to enroll in any tribes because of the lack of information. We are able to provide tax exempt status as part of this organization, please call for further information.” The front page features a picture of “Shaman” Red Deer, and has links to chiefs in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Website: http://cherokeeblackfeetcultural.bizopiaweb.com/

2. Deer Council of Free Cherokees

3. Free Cherokees, North Hudson

4. Free Cherokees, Deer Council, Brooklyn

5. Free Cherokees, Many Walks Council, Stony Creek

6. Free Cherokees, Wolf Council, Scottsville

7. Mary Trail of Tears Long House, Brooklyn

8. North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

9. Nuy Keetoowah, Inc.

10. Nuyagi Keetoowah, Inc., New York

11. Ohatchee Cherokee Tribe of New York and Alabama

12. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Mastic

North Carolina (10)

1. Cherokee Indian Tribe of Robeson and Adjoining Counties, Red Springs, Letter of Intent
2/1/79, etermined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89

2. Cherokee Indians of Hoke City, Lumber Bridge, Letter 9/20/83, Determined Ineligible to Petition 10/23/89

3. Cherokee-Powhatan Indian Association, Roxboro, Letter 9/7/84

4. Creek-Cherokee Indians, Pine Tree Clan, Cherokee

5. Free Cherokees, Chapel Hill

6. Nee Tribe (AKA Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe and Near River Dwellers)

7. Ridge Band of Cherokees, Ridgecrest

8. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Cedar Grove

9. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Haw River

10. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Silver Cloud Clan, Cedar Grove

Ohio (10)

1. Cherokee Delaware Indian Center, Coshocton

2. Cherokee United Intertribal Indian Council

3. Chickamauga Keetoowah Unami Band of CherokeeLetter of Intent 8/28/06

4. Eastern Cherokee Nation, Overhill Band, Columbus

5. Etowah Cherokee Nation, Portsmouth

6. Free Cherokee, Four Direction Coucil, Toledo

7. Free Cherokees, Hokshichanklya Band, Creola

8. Ohio Cherokees, West Portsmouth

9. Tallige Cherokee Nation, Fire Clan, Lucasville,501(c)3 non-profitState Recognized, has a Cheroke Bingo Hall Website: http://www.tallige.com/

10. Tsalagi Nation Early Emigrants 1817

Oklahoma (6)

1. OK (Ani Tsi Na) District of the NCNOLT

2. Canadian River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation

3. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians, Weatherford

4. Northern Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, Miami,
Letter of Intent 9/5/91

5. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Horse Clan

6. Southern Cherokee Nation, Webber’s Falls, website: http://southerncherokeeok.com/
United Band of the Western Cherokee Nation, Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/14/03

Oregon (8)

1. Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy,Talent, Petitioned 3/9/78, Rejected 11/25/85

2. Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band, Deer Clan, Bend

3. Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band, Paint Clan, Salem

4. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Medford

5. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Badger Band, Golden Hill

6. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Paint Band, Salem

7. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Wolf Band, Phoenix

8. The Cherokee Delaware Tribe of the Northwest

Pennsylvania (4)

1. Inagei Tsalagi, Cherokees of Virginia, Allison Park

2. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of Pensylvania Earth Band, 501(c)3 non-profit. Website: http://www.secherokee-confederacypa.org/

3. Tsalagi Elohi Cherokee Earth

4. White Path Society

South Carolina (5)

1. Broad River Band of Cherokee

2. Cherokees of South Carolina, Columbia

3. Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc, 501(c)3 non-profit.Membership requires lineage to any Cherokee roll (official on non-official). Website: http://www.cherokeesofsouthcarolina.com/

4. Free Cherokee-Chickamauga, Chesne

5. United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia, Sewickly, South Carolina

Tennessee (44)

1. Aniyunweya Nation,Lyles

2. Aniywiyai Native People, Cleveland

3. Appalachian Confederated Tribes (AKA Upper Cumberland Cherokee)

4. Buffalo Ridge Cherokees

5. Central Band of Cherokee (AKA Cherokees of Lawrence Co. Tennessee) Website: http://www.cherokeeoflawrencecountytn.org/inew.html

6. Cherokees of Lawrence County, Leoma, Letter 9/14/2000

7. Cherokee Wolf Clan, Yuma

8. Chickmaka Band of the South Cumberland Plateau, website: http://www.chikamakaband.com/Com/

9. Chickamauga Circle of Free Cherokee, Chattanooga

10. Chota Nation, Sweetwater

11. Cumberland Creek Indian Confederation, Tracy City

12. Deer Clan of East Tennessee, Lenoir

13. East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants

14. Eastern Cherokee Nation, Chattanooga

15. Echota Cherokee Tribe

16. Elk Valley Band-Council of Chickamauga Cherokee, Estill

17. Elk Valley Council Band of Free Cherokees, Pigeon Forge

18. Etowah Cherokee Nation, Cleveland, Letter 1/2/91

19. Etowah Cherokee Nation, Pigeon Forge, Letter 12/31/90

20. Faraway Cherokee Association, Memphis

21. Free Cherokees, Grandview

22.Free Cherokee-Chickamauga, Chesne Tennessee

23. Free Cherokees, Chickamaugan Circle, Ooltewah

24.Free Cherokee of Tennessee, Evensvillie

25. Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band of Chickamauga, Jasper

26. Free Cherokees, Good Medicine Society, Grandview

27. Original Cherokee Nation, Chattanooga

28. Over-Hill Indian Nation – Cherokee, Englewood – Tellico Plains

29. Red Clay Band of Southeast Cherokee Confederacy, Ooltewah. Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/78, Acknowledgement declined, 11/25/85

30. Red Stick Confederacy, Franklin

31. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Red Clay Inter-Tribal Indian Band,
Ooltewah, Petitioned 3/9/78, Rejected 11/25/85

32. Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee, Memphis

33. Tanasi Native American Group, Knoxville

34. TeeHahNahMah Nation, Rockwood

35. Tennessee Band of the Cherokee, Inc., Strawberry Plains

36. Tennessee Band Cherokee, Inc. Earth Clan, Nashville

37. Tennessee Band of Eastern Cherokee, Knoxville

38. Tennessee River Band of Chickamauga Cherokee, Chickamauga Station and Flintstone. Website: http://www.angelfire.com/tn/trbccscn/

39. Tohcahe Band White Wolf Guardian Spirit

40. Tsalagi Intertribal Warrior Society

41. Turkeytown Association of the Cherokee (AKA Sugar Creek Band of the SECCI and AKA Central Band of Cherokee), Nashville

42. United Eastern Lenape Nation Middle Division Inc. (formerly known as Cherokee of the Upper Cumberland, Knoxville)

43. United South and Eastern Tribes, Nashville

44. Western Cherokee, TN (Break Away from AR and MO, Atoka, TN)

Texas (12)

1. American Cherokee Tribe of Texas, Lumberton

2. Cherokee Nation of Texas Limited

3. Free Cherokee, Hummingbird Clan, Dallas

4. Cherokee Nation of Texas Tsalagi Nvdagi Troup
5. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Hawk Clan, Mineral Wells
6. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sequoyah Clan, El Paso
7. Southeastern Cherokee Tirbe abd Associated Bands, Porter
8.Texas Band of Cherokee Indians of the Mount Tabor Indian Community
9.Texas Gulf Coast Cherokee and Associated Bands, New Caney
10.Texas Buffalo Bayou Band of Chickamaugan Cherokee, Southern Cherokee Nation
11.Court of the Golden Eagle, The Oukah

12. Sovereign Cherokee Nation, Tejas, Mesquite, Dallas Website:www.texascherokeenation.org

Utah (3)

1. Cherokee Indian Descendents Organization of the Ani-Yun-Wiya
2. Colorado River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation
3. Rocky Mountain Band of Cherokee Descendents – Magna


1. Free Cherokee, Tribal Council, Springfield

2. Green Mountain Band of Cherokee, Bristol

3. Sunray Meditation Society, Bristol

Virginia (10)

1. Appalachian Cherokee Nation

2. Buffalo Ridge Cherokees

3. Cherokee of Virginia Birdtown

4. Free Cherokees Spider Clan, Richmond

5. Inagel Tsalagi, Cherokee of Virginia, Rapidan
6. Northern Tsalagi Indian Nation

7.Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Pine Log Clan, Fairfax
8. Turtle Band of Cherokee, Evington

9. United Cherokee Tribe of Virginia, Madison Heights
10. Wolf Creek Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia, 501(c)3 non-profit. Does not require proof but mentions ability to supply CDIB cards.

West Virginia (2)

1. United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia

2. Free Cherokees, Four Directions Council, Toledo

Washington (2)

1. Anisahani Blue Clan, Woodland

2. Southern Cherokee Confederacy

Washington, D.C. (1)

1. Cherokee Tuscarora Nation of Turtle Island, Washington, D.C. Website: www.unitednationsofturtleisland.com

British Columbia, Canada (1)

Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Haddock/Compton Clan (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Manitoba, Canada (1)

1. Chewah Cherokee Nation (Amaranth, MB ROH OBO Canada)

Mexico (1)

1. Cherokee Nation of Mexico, Recognized by Mexico. Website: http://www.cherokeediscovery.com/


Unrecognized Tribes A to C
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