October 29, 2004

Sterling Silver Jasper Earrings


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This catalog page contains genuine jasper sterling silver earrings or jasper with other semi-precious stones.


What is sterling silver, anyway?

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All sterling silver jewelry in our catalog is hand made, one of a kind pieces that are truely unique. Once a piece in our collection sells, there will never be another one exactly like it. Click on the item title and then scroll down on the next page to see close up, actual sized photos of the item.

There are many varieties of Jasper, which is composed of chalcedony quartz. Multicolored, solid yellow, orange, brown and green. Yellow is for stomach, intestines, liver, and spleen areas. The light colors are best for healing. Green: respiratory, heart charka, general tissue regeneration, mineral assimilation and general healing. Darker colors are more grounding can be used for protection. – Picture jasper is excellent aid for successful business. – Dalmatian jasper aids memory retention and development of psychic ability. – Fancy jasper use for depression or if something is bothering you. – Poppy jasper is for happiness and contentmen

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