January 28, 2002

Terms of Use for our free pictures


This section of our site will be an ongoing project where we will offer you a rather small (to start) but select group of graphics you may download for use on your own website. DO NOT LINK TO THEM HERE!!! You may use these graphics on either personal or commercial sites. As far as we know, all images offerred have been credited to their copyright holder. However, if you see something in this collection that does not belong here, please do let us know and we will either remove it or give you credit and a link back if it is your work, whichever you prefer.

The artwork is free to use, however, we do request a link back to us ON THE SAME PAGE THAT THE GRAPHIC IS USED ON. Further, you MAY NOT crop our web address off the picture.

If you will email us and let us know you are using one of these graphics we will also give a link back to you in our links section.

If you wish to use one of our original copyrighted graphics without giving us a link, we will give you a non-exclusive license to do so for a small fee. Email Us for details. However, the copyright notice must be displayed with all of our original artwork either way.

Not all artwork in this collection (and throughout our web site) are our works. You must click the link to find out the terms of use for each image you want to use.

Click on the text links beneath the thumbnails for the available sizes or color schemes of that image.

To save an image to your computer, simply right click your mouse with your cursor over the picture desired. A menu will pop up. Select “Save As” and save
it to whatever directory on your hard drive that you usually keep your web images in. When you are ready to use the graphic on your website, be sure to upload it to your server in BINARY MODE.

To link to us with one of the button images on the bottom of this page, save the image to your hard drive as described above and upload it to your server. Then add the following code to your web page wherever you want the image to appear ON THE SAME PAGE THE IMAGE YOU GOT FROM US APPEARS:

Of course, remember to change the example to the actual names of your website,your Image directory, and the name of the image you are using.

To make a text link, add the following code to your web site on the SAME page the image is used:

Graphics Provided by AAA Native Arts

That’s all there is to it!

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