February 18, 2003

The Beauty Of It All


I would like you to come up into the Universe with me, now look out, we see many stars and galaxies, we see eternity and we wonder at magnificence of it all.

Wow! We look down together and see the earth, the size of a beach ball, we see the sun shining on one side and darkness on the other as the world turns, we see the clouds, the land formation.

Then we know and realize a simple truth, the world is but one country and mankind it’s citizens, in its unity and diversity it makes for a beautiful garden of humanity.

As the world turns towards the sun we can see then what it has to show us. From this place in the Universe it is quite beautiful! On the dark side turned away from the sun, we are asleep to its beauty, even if we are awake we stumble, we can’t see, we are afraid, we need light, but we know the sun always rises and sheds its’ light on all created things, we look and wonder at the magnificence of it all.

This symbol light that I speak of is knowledge rising in the mind. The symbol of darkness is ignorance, the lack of knowledge. When the sun of knowledge rises in your mind, it reveals to you your world. Another simple truth that comes to mind here is that we are what we think and with every thought of war replace it with the thought of peace.

The knowledge of your ancestors starts you on a new path of thirsting after the knowledge of the reality of yourself and your world. There is a lot to know and understand. When in your mind you are determined to seek out this information, don’t expect the sun to rise any faster in its wisdom, it will unfold, just ask, make your wish, and then watch it unfold before your eyes a wonder! That’s the magic of the sunlight!

I hope you don’t mind, I love being symbolic. The outer pictures of symbolism help us to understand deeply the scope of it all.

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