January 28, 2002

The coon hunters fear


Often upon a dark and dismal night when the pioneers were coon hunting
around about midnight in the deep and dark ravines they could hear a roaring
sound. It sounded like the hoof beats of many ponies in the distance.

and closer the sound came to the coon hunters. It would come very, very close
to them but suddenly it would fade away in the distance. The pioneers could
feel the vibration of the air as the roar passed over them.

The Miami who
heard this noise believed that the roaring sound was the spirits of the dead
of their tribe.

John Parrish - Spirit I

Spirit I

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These spirits had come on their ponies from the Spirit land
to view the beloved spot of their life on Earth.

They wanted to hunt once
more along the banks of the Big Pipe Creek where they had found such an
abundance of game when they had lived on Earth many years ago.

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