October 26, 2004

The Freedmen:John Myers, Creek Lighthorseman


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A significant number of Afro-Americans were sold, escaped or fled from slavery and eventually settled in the West, where they were adopted by Indian tribes and accepted into the tribal structure as equals. Many even assumed roles of leadership. Sugar T. George a.k.a. George Sugar was born in approximately 1827, as a slave in the Muskogee Nation. John Myers served as the personal interpreter to the Creek leader Isparhecher

John Myers was the son of a white man A.G. Myers and an African Creek woman, Harriett Cosmay who was a Creek Freedwoman.

As a young man, John Myers served as the personal interpreter to the Creek leader Isparhecher, during the time of the Green Peach War. During that time of conflict, Myers accompanied Isparhechar into Comanche country, when he took refuge there. He returned with Isparhechar back to the Creek Nation under escort of U.S. soldiers.

John Myers spent later years as a Creek Lighthorseman, serving 8 years in that capacity. John Myers married Hagar Lewis, also a Creek Freedwoman, and they raised 4 children. His children attended the Tullahasse Mission School for Creek Freedmen.

He spent his remaining years in the Muskogee area.

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