December 23, 2001

‘Voices From The Circle’ Christmas Special


AUTHOR: Voices From The Circle Announcement

This week, VOICES FROM THE CIRCLE listeners can look forward to our annual Christmas program featuring Bill Miller and his heart felt “Listen To Me.”

Red Nativity enable us to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season with “Little Rain Drummer,” “Midnight Clear” and “Silent Grace.”

Smokeytown helps us work off those extra holiday calories with their form of Indian aerobics with a rousing and long “Intertribal,” while Brule paints still another soundscape with “Buffalo Moon.”

Walela shares wisdom of the elders with “Cherokee.” Bob Crawford recounts a story of one of the Great Spirit’s greatest creations “Maiengun” — the wolf.

Jim Boyd helps us to realize that our annual clock is down with “Tick Tock.” The Legends Band and especially Danny Parks on guitar bring us holiday mood setting instrumentalization with “Ashthum.”

Conti continues VFTC mood setting with a cut from his “Evening With Sitting Bull” CD – “Vision Seeker.”

May the Great Spirit look down upon us all in a way that will bring peace and blessings. And thanks for listening to Voices From The Circle throughout the year.

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