July 10, 2012

Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada


The Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada is a federally recognized indian tribe made up of Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone Indians in western Nevada.

Official Tribal Name: Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada

Physical Address: 322 W. 6th Street, PO Box 1370, Winnemucca, Nevada 89446.  
Alternate Address: Thomas R Wasson, Chairman, 245 East Liberty Street, Suite 450, Reno, Nevada 89501
Alternate Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1797, Woodbridge, Ca 95258
Phone: (530)310-5034
NOTE: There has been a dispute between the Paiute and Shoshone factions of this tribe over who is the current legally  elected tribal council. Please refer to this information about upcoming Winnemucca Indian Colony Tribal Council Elections.

Official Website:

Recognition Status: Federally Recognized

Traditional Name / Traditional Meaning:

Common Name / Meaning of Common Name:

Alternate names / Alternate spellings:

Also known as: The Western Band of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians.
Also known as: Tsoso-Wee Band of Western Bands of Western Shoshone Nation
Also known as: Western Band of Western Shoshone
Also known as: Pah-Utah Indians 

Name in other languages:

Region: Great Basin

State(s) Today: Nevada

Traditional Territory:



Reservation: Winnemucca Indian Colony

Establised: 18 June, 1917 – Executive Order 60 acres were set aside
08 February, 1918 – Executive Order 60 acres were set aside
21 May, 1928 – (45 Stat. 618) added 10 acres
29 May, 1928 – (45 Stat. 899) added 10 acres

Location: One block West of Bridge Street, three-quarters of a mile South of downtown Winnemucca, Humboldt County, Nevada  

Land Area: 340 acres of Tribal Land  
Tribal Headquarters: Winnemucca, Nevada
Time Zone:  

Population at Contact:

Registered Population Today:

17 enrolled members in 1992. 

Tribal Enrollment Requirements:

Basically, you must be at least 1/4 Western Shoshone or Northern Paiute and be descended from someone on the Winnemucca Indian Colony Census of 1916.
Tribal Enrollment Orndinances for the Winnemucca Indian Colony

Genealogy Resources:


Charter: Organized under the Indian Reorganization Act of 18 June 1934 (48 Stat. 984) as amended. Constitution and By-Laws of the Winnemucca Colony approved 05 March, 1971.  
Name of Governing Body:  Winnemucca Indian Colony Tribal Council (WIC)
Number of Council members:  5
Dates of Constitutional amendments: 
Number of Executive Officers:  an elected Chairman


B.I.A. Agency:

Western Nevada Agency
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone:(702) 887-3500

Language Classification:

Language Dialects:

Number of fluent Speakers:



Bands, Gens, and Clans

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Traditional Allies:

Traditional Enemies:

Ceremonies / Dances:

Modern Day Events & Tourism:

Legends / Oral Stories:

Art & Crafts:





Religion & Spiritual Beliefs:

Burial Customs:

Wedding Customs


Shoshone Chiefs & Famous People:

Catastrophic Events:

Tribe History:

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