February 15, 2002

WorldLink TV Premieres Series By And About Tribal Peoples


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WorldLink TV, the first nationwide television network providing Americans with global perspectives on news, events and culture, premiered a new weekly series by and about the tribal peoples of the world on January 17,2002.

First Peoples TV will feature 26 award-winning documentaries and dramas focusing on the lives of contemporary Native and Aboriginal people and the issues they face.

WorldLink’s programming consists of first run documentaries, foreign feature films, global news reports and eight hours of world music each day.

Launched in December 1999, the channel is available in over 17 million U.S. homes via basic service on the direct-to-home satellite services DIRECTV® (Channel 375) and EchoStar’s DISH Network® (Channel 9410).

“First Peoples TV” will be the first time a regularly scheduled TV series concerning tribal peoples will be accessible to all urban areas, including the territories of every Indigenous nation in the United States.

Curated by, a non-profit organization working to bring Native films to a wider audience, and set to air each Thursday Night at 7pm PST/10pm EST, First Peoples TV includes documentaries confronting fishing rights; Lighting The Seventh Fire by Sandra Sunrising Osawa, sacred sites; Backbone Of The World by George Burdeau, and religious freedom; The Peyote Road by Fidel Moreno.

The series will feature dramatic films dealing with government attempts to destroy tribal cultures; Where The Spirit Lives by Bruce Pittman and Indigenous political activism; Tushka by Ian Skorodin.

Native actors, comedians and educators will introduce each episode. Hosts will include Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, Blood In-Blood Out, Pinero), Tantoo Cardinal (Legends Of The Fall, Black Robe, Dances With Wolves), Steve Reevis (Geronimo, Last Of The Dogmen, Fargo), Elaine Miles (Northern Exposure, Smoke Signals, RezRobics) and up and coming Apache funny man, Drew Lacapa. The one non-Native host will be legendary historian of world religions, Huston Smith.

DreamCatchers has previously produced health and fitness videos for American Indian communities including, The Red Road To Sobriety, documenting the contemporary Native American sobriety movement, and Rez Robics, a pow-wow dancing and martial arts inspired aerobics video designed to combat diabetes.

Series producer Gary Rhine has previously produced award-winning documentaries including Wiping The Tears Of Seven Generations and Your Humble Serpent; The Wisdom Of Reuben Snake.

For program descriptions visit Dream Catchers or for program schedules visit World Link TV.


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