April 6, 2008

You might be an Indian Jedi if…


You might be an Indian Jedi if……You use the phrase, “May the force be with you, aye!!!”

…Your Jedi robe is beaded

…You use your light saber to butcher a buffalo or to open a Bud

…At least one wing of your “rezzed out” X-wing fighter is primer
colored and your transmitter is a clothes hanger.

…You discover that Ewoks taste like dogs.

…You have at least one land-speeder up on blocks in your yard

…The worst part of eating with Yoda is eating his commodity food

…Wookies are offended by your Buffalo robes

…You have used the force to get your tape recorder to work so you
could record that new 49 song

…Used the force to negotiate with the federal gov’t

…Your council man has told you, “Come over to the Darkside…selling
out ain’t bad, enit”

…You have a dream catcher in the window of your land-speeder and/or
X-wing fighter

…You fantasize over Princess Leah’s fry bread looking head

…You have to get in from the passenger’s side of your X-wing fighter
and start it with a screwdriver

…You suggest that the Millennium Falcon is outfitted with a trailer

…If you hear, “Luke, I am your father…..and your councilman.

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