Crow Indian Legends

Old-Man-Coyote is both Creator God and trickster in Crow Indian legends. In some versions of the Crow creation myth there were actually two Coyotes, the Old Man Coyote who created people, animals, and the earth, and a regular Coyote who had adventures and got into trouble. In other versions, they were one and the same.
Characters in Crow Legends:
Greasy Breast – A Dwarven hero of Crow folklore. Nirumbee – Goblin-like little people of Crow folklore.
Thrown-Behind-Curtain and Thrown-In-Spring (or Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away.) These mythical twins whose mother was killed by a monster are common to the folklore of many Midwestern and Plains tribes. They are generally portrayed as heroic monster-slayers in Crow stories.
Famous Crow
Crow Indian Legends:

October 3, 2015

The Absarakas, or Crow nation, have the reputation of being good friends to the whites, and it is also said they have never warred with them. Iron Bull, a renowned chief of the Crows, relates the following legend.

Crow Indian Legends
February 17, 2002

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A long time ago the Indians roamed the West like the buffalo, one family scattered and returned by change. There were no separate tribes. 

One of the Indians was a woman of powerful beauty. She gave birth to twin sons, but she did not know who their father was. The beautiful woman sang her sons to sleep with a heartbreaking lullaby, and everyone who heard it took pity on her. 

Crow Indian Legends