Native American Homes

Native American Houses

Tipi Etiquette

September 23, 2013

If the door is open, a friend may enter the tipi directly. But if it is closed, he should announce his presence and wait for the owner to invite him to come in. 

Native American Homes
September 23, 2005

Native American Homes Native Americans lived in a variety of homes depending on what area or region that they lived in. Many Native American groups also had more than one home. The Navajo for instance, who lived in the desert Southwest, were sheep herders and each family had several homes within their land to stay […]

Native American Homes
January 14, 2002

Source: Navajo Legend

The construction of the conical hooghan is based upon the description of the hooghan of First Man related in the Origin Myth as told in Blessing Way [Hózhójí]. In this home, the poles were made of jewels, white shell [yoogaii], abalone [diichii], turquoise [doot’izhii] and jet [bááshzhinii].

Native American Homes