Choctaw Indian Tribe

Choctaw Tribe
Tribal Origin: Muskhogean FamilyNative Name: Chahta – The name of a legendary chief. Home Territories: Alabama, Luisianna, Mississippi and eventually OklahomaLanguage: ChoctawAlliances: Sided with the Americans during Revolutionary War. Sided with the Confederacy during the United States Civil WarEnemies: Chickasaw
The Choctaw occupied the Mississippi Valley and parts of Alabama. They were farmers who lived in a matriarchal society.
A peaceful people, the Choctaw saw economic opportunities and sold goods and livestock to the Europeans who ventured into their territory.
Between 1801 and 1830, the Choctaw made a series of treaties with the U.S. government, ceding 23 million acres of land. They were forced to relocate to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1832. Once on the reservation, the Choctaw adapted to white culture through interaction with missionaries.
Choctaw soldiers were code-talkers in WWI. The Germans could not understand their language.
Famous Choctaw Chiefs and Leaders