Deg Hit’an

The Deg Hit’an (also known as Deg Xit’an, Deg Hitan, Degexit’an, Kaiyuhkhotana) are a group of Northern Athabascan peoples in Alaska. They reside in Alaska along the Anvik River in Anvik, along the Innoko River in Shageluk, and at Holy Cross along the lower Yukon River. The older name Ingalik (from the Yup’ik Ingqiliq “Indian”) and its derivatives are offensive to the Deg Hit’an people.
Their native language is called Deg Xinag.The Deg Hit’an are members of the federally recognized Alaska Native tribes of:

Anvik Village
Shageluk Native Village
Holy Cross Village.

The governing body for Anvik is the Anvik Tribal Council.

Anvik Village

March 9, 2014

Anvik is a Deg Hit’an Athabascan community, with a rich history. It is located on the west bank of the Yukon River in Interior Alaska, just inside the old mouth of the Anvik River along the hillside. This hillside is called Deloy Ges (Hawk Bluff is the English name), which means “so-called mountain” in Deg Xinag, the local Athabascan language. Raven, or Yuxgitsiy, whose name translates as “everyone’s grandfather” created Deloy Ges.

Deg Hit'an