July 14, 2012

Bridgeport Indian Colony


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The Bridgeport Indian Colony became a federally recognized indian tribe on October 17, 1974. This tribe is located just outside of Bridgeport, California in the Eastern Sierra Mountain range.  The Bridgeport Indian Colony consists of descendants from the Miwok, Mono, Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe tribes.

 Official Tribal Name: Bridgeport Indian Colony

Address:  P.O. Box 37, 355 Sage Brush Drive, Bridgeport CA. 93517
Email: secretary@bridgeportindiancolony.com

Official Website: http://www.bridgeportindiancolony.com/

Recognition Status: Federally Recognized

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Buy this Proud To Be Paiute Adult Hooded SweatshirtTraditional Name / Traditional Meaning:

Common Name / Meaning of Common Name:

Alternate names: Formerly known as the Bridgeport Paiute Indian Colony of California

Alternate spellings / Mispellings:

Name in other languages:

Region: California

State(s) Today: California

Traditional Territory:



Reservations: Bridgeport Reservation

The Bridgeport Indian Colony has a federal reservation in Mono County, close to the Nevada border, in the unincorporated community of Bridgeport, California. Approximately twenty-one (21) Tribal Members live on the Colony, and there is currently one hundred and five Tribal members(105) enrolled.
Land Area:  40 acres (160,000 m2)
Tribal Headquarters:  Bridgeport, CA
Time Zone:  Pacific

Population at Contact:

Registered Population Today: 120 tribal members

Tribal Enrollment Requirements:

Genealogy Resources:


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Name of Governing Body:  
Number of Council members:   2 Members at Large, (one on the reservation and one off reservation), plus the executive officers.
Dates of Constitutional amendments: 
Number of Executive Officers:  Tribal Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer


Language Classification and Dialects:

The Bridgeport traditionally spoke the Northern Paiute language, which is part of the Western Numic branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family. Their dialect is sometimes called “Southern Nevada Northern Paiute.” They used the Bridgeport writing system.

Number of fluent Speakers:



Bands, Gens, and Clans

Related Tribes:

Traditional Allies:

Traditional Enemies:

Ceremonies / Dances:

Modern Day Events & Tourism:

Legends / Oral Stories:

Art & Crafts:






Economy Today:

Religion & Spiritual Beliefs:

Burial Customs:

Wedding Customs


Miwok People of Note
Mono People of Note
Paiute People of Note
Shoshone People of Note
Washoe People of Note

Catastrophic Events:

Tribe History:

In the News:

Further Reading:

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