October 10, 2004

Can you interpret these signs?


We are looking for an answer to a number of fore-telling dreams my husband has been having since we met 2 yrs ago. They are of an old Indian Woman who speaks to him thru her thoughts. They started with him watching a little indian girl playing in a river, he was a little boy hiding in the tall grass, he was from another tribe.

The girl’s grandmother would see him and would tell him off with her thoughts and would point for him to leave. Eventually his understanding of the girl and her grandmother was that the old lady was the mother of a chief and that the girl’s mother was attacked by a bear and killed whilst pregnant with the little girl.

As the dreams evolved he became aware that the little indian girl is myself. He has tried to communicate with the old lady in the dream but to no avail, as he feels he has not the capability as a child to communicate in thought only.

Then a few days ago, whilst my husband was in hospital undergoing surgery he had a profound dream from the old lady who finally motioned for him to come to her.

She showed him in a vision of many indians on horseback carrying white circular shields with feathers adorning the rim and symbols that he could not quite clearly see. Their hair was platted and they had a single feather which fell over their shoulder.

The old lady also showed him an adult white buffalo coming toward him. My husband was profoundly emotionally affected by the dream and cried to me over his experience.

My husband has also been told that my name was “Whispering winds” across the water. And the symbol of three “W”s on their side was associated with the girls father.


–Kenny and Sue

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