March 5, 2002

Cherokee language lesson: Give this yellow paper to your mom


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AUTHOR: Bo Tayolor

Cherokee language study with emphasis on the Eastern dialect or the Giduwa dialect. Includes sound recordings.

In this lesson you will learn about the Cherokee words for “Give this cold drink to your sister”and other related phrases.In each sentence I will try to give you a phrase or something that you can use every day. Also, you will be able to see how sentence structure works. Once you get a good base to your vocabulary then you can add your own words to create your own sentences.

Give this yellow paper to your mom.

Hi-a da-lo-ni-ge-i go-we-li tsa-tsi wi-nv-v-si (Formal)

Hi-a da-lo-ni-ge go-we-l tsa-tsi wi-nv-v-si (Conversational)

Hi-a = This

da-lo-ni-ge-i = yellow

go-we-li = paper

tsa-tsi = your mother

wi-nv-v-si = Give it to her. (flexible form)

(hi-nv-v-si is the verb for “give it to him” and you will use it if the person is close, (w) is added to make (wi-nv-v-si) because it implies that the action is to happen away from the speaker)

Give yellow paper to mom.wav

About the Author:

Bo Taylor serves as Archivist for the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. He is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian. Mr. Taylor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology with a minor in Cherokee Studies from Western Carolina University. He can read and write in the Cherokee language. Mr. Taylor gives lectures on the history of the Cherokee Indian, performs traditional Cherokee dances, and dances at Native American Pow-wows.

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