November 22, 2014

Choctaw History Timeline


Here is a timeline of important events in Choctaw history.


1540: De Soto first recorded non Indian to encounter the Choctaw tribe

1763: When the French surrendered to the British, many Choctaw moved west of the Mississippi.

1784: Treaty with Spain

1786: Treaty of Hopewell

1792: Treaty talks with Spain and United States

1801: Treaty of Fort Adams

1802: Treaty of Fort Confederation

1803: Treaty of Hoe Buckintoupa

1805: Treaty of Mount Dexter

1816: Treaty of Fort St. Stephens

1820: Treaty of Doak’s Stand; ceded some land

1825: Treaty of Washington City

1825: Tribal population: 21,000 (Mississippi and Alabama) reported by T. C. Mc Kenny- Indian Office

1830: Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, * (Article 14 – removal)

1831-1833: First of Five Civilized Tribes forced from their homeland. Removed to Indian Territory.

  • Part of the Tribe 5-6,000 individuals remained in Mississippi and became known as the Mississippi Band of Choctaw who were recognized in 1945.

1838: First testimonies taken in what is known as the Net Proceeds Case.

1844: Second set of testimonies taken in what is known as the Net Proceeds Case.

1855:Treaty with the Chickasaw, gives Chickasaw nation their own land from lands of the Choctaw.

1856: Choctaw Nation created with three districts: Apukshunnubbee District, Moshulatubbee District and Pushmataha District.

1856: Annuity Roll (Census) of the Choctaw and Chickasaw as a result of the treaty of 1855.

1867: Tribal population: 22,500; reported by Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

1875: Testimonies taken to determine heirs for the monies won from the Net Proceeds Case.

1889: Second set of testimonies to determine heirs for the monies from the Net Proceeds Case.

1903: 300 Choctaws left Mississippi for Oklahoma and the Choctaw Nation

1907: Oklahoma became the 46th State

  • Choctaw Nation divided into eight counties: Choctaw, Atoka, Haskell, Latimer, Le Flore, Mc Curtain, Pittsburg and Pushmataha.

1910: Tribal population: 14,551 in Oklahoma, and 15,917 in other states.

1918: Choctaw Indian Agency in Philadelphia, Mississippi established.

1945: Mississippi Band of Choctaw Federally recognized

1953: U.S. Congress began a new policy of termination for the Indian tribes. The policy ended the protected trust status of all Indian-owned lands. The BIA began a voluntary urban relocation program. American Indians could move from their rural tribes to a metropolitan area. Many Indians relocated to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas and Seattle. It is estimated that 750,000 Native Americans migrated to the cities between 1950-1980.


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