October 19, 2004

Do you know this modern day hero?


Do you know this modern day hero?.. KEYWORDS: native american veteran medic Viet Nam modern day hero looking for veteran who served in Vietnam as a medic

AUTHOR: Slater Davis

Do you know this native american who served as a medic in Vietnam?

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I am looking for my platoon medic who served in Vietnam with 4th Platoon, Co.B, 4th Bn, 21st Inf, Americal Divsion, Duc Pho, RVN, between December 1970- June 1971. Please take a look at these pictures, and contact me if you know this man.

I received a message from a Deborah Wallwork after making an inquiry at a Native American website. My inquiry was regarding contacting a Native American organization of Vietnam veterans.

Her response named Grady Renville of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe as a Vietnam veteran who was a medic, and that he might be able to direct me.

Do you know this native american who served as a medic in Vietnam?

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This information was important to me because I am looking for my platoon medic. Most of us in the platoon have gotten back in touch with each other over the last 2 years and we would all like to find Doc.

But, that’s our problem. We all knew him as Doc and not by his name. We do know that he was a Native American, and it is believed he was from the western part of the U.S.

I have several pictures of him, along with our unit and dates in country. If you know Mr. Renville I would appreciate it very much if you could pass this article along to him. If you do not know Mr. Renville, but might know of a Native American Vietnam veterans association who might be able to help me, I would appreciate it if you could pass along that info to me.

Thank you for your time.

Slater Davis

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Here is a little update on our search. We think that our medic’s last name
is Williams. I have a company roster that shows a medic with that last name
attached to our platoon. Chances of them being one in the same are pretty


Visit for more information on this platoon.

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