December 22, 2002

Earth Daughter


I am a daughtr of the Earth,

A sister to the wind and the water

Kneeling before the Great Spirit

Yet standing tall to open my arms
Rejoiciing, the gifts

Of the Great Spirit. Father Sun and Mother Earth

Provide my every need

And paint the horizon

For my pleasure.

My past and future

Are times of joy and sorrow

I will enjoy and endure.

I will complete the circle.

The Great Spirit will lead me

I will rejoin my ancestors.

They have guided me well,

I will forever seek their wisdom

And know the secrets

Of my Grandfathers

Who have gone before me.

I will guide those left behind

They will recognize my signs

And remember I wait for them.

I am at one with the universe.

No more or less a part of it

Than a grain of sand or the stars.

Native American Poetry
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