August 24, 2005

Experience the Grand Canyon with the Hualapai Nation


The Skywalk Glass Bridge to Debut January 2006

Where: Grand Canyon, AZ — The Hualapai Tribe is sharing their private land with visitors from around the world, so guests can join them in experiencing its uniqueness and untouched beauty.

Grand Canyon West, a destination offering breathtaking panoramic experiences at the Grand Canyon’s western rim, is in the phase of building its latest attractions including The Skywalk glass bridge, The Indian Village and The Hualapai Ranch.

As owners and protectors of one million acres of land throughout the Grand Canyon’s western rim, the Hualapai’s main goal is to keep a balance between form, function and nature, while protecting the tribe’s culture and values, which are deeply engraved in the canyon walls.

The Skywalk will be the featured attraction once it opens to the public in January 2006. Visitors will be able to walk around the first-ever cantilever shaped glass bridge that will be suspended more than 4,000 feet above the Colorado River and extend over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Located adjacent to The Skywalk visitor’s center at Eagle Point, The Skywalk Café will feature outdoor patio seating on the edge of the canyon. The visitor’s center will also offer private indoor meeting facilities.

“The Hualapai Tribe is looking to protect and care for its future generations,” said Sheri Yellowhawk, CEO of Grand Canyon Resort Corp. “The Skywalk will be an attraction unlike any other in the world, but to get a true experience of the Hualapai legacy, visitors must encounter the entire destination.”

The Indian Village and The Hualapai Ranch
Set to Open September 1, 2005

The Indian Village, located at Eagle Point adjacent to The Skywalk, will offer walking tours of authentic dwellings of the Hualapai, Havasupai, Navajo, Plains and Hopi Indians. Tribal members using materials from each individual reservation built the dwellings. Additional attractions within the village will include The Hualapai Market, which will feature handmade crafts and jewelry, and an amphitheatre with scheduled Native American cultural performances throughout the day.

The Hualapai Ranch will be a true western experience with wild-west performances and cookouts on an open fire. Horseback and wagon rides along the Grand Canyon Rim will also be available. The Hualapai Ranch also offers private areas for corporate buyouts, private functions and western-themed weddings.

Guano Point will feature an all-new Hualapai Buffet with breathtaking views of the Colorado River above the Historical Guano Mine and Tram remnants. Additionally, wedding and renewal of vow packages will be available at several viewing points including The Skywalk, The Hualapai Ranch, Guano Point and Eagle Point.

Grand Canyon West is located approximately 120 miles East of Las Vegas, Nev., and 72 miles Northwest of Kingman, Ariz. Attractions available at Grand Canyon West include The Indian Village with authentic dwellings, The Hualapai Market, and The Hualapai Ranch, a western town with horseback and wagon rides. Grand Canyon West is the only location throughout the Grand Canyon where visitors can access the river and water recreation activities at the bottom of the canyon via helicopter tours.

In addition to boat tours on the river, Hummer tours along the rim of the canyon and through private areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the public are available. More than 30 tour and transportation companies service Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sedona by airplane, helicopter, coach, SUV and Hummer. In addition, Park & Ride services are available from Dolan Springs, Ariz., a one-hour drive from Las Vegas.

For a complete list as well as maps and directions, log on to The Hualapai Tribe, consisting of approximately 2,000 Hualapai members, owns one million acres of land throughout the Grand Canyon’s western rim. The Hualapai Reservation is located in Peach Springs, Ariz.

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