February 14, 2002

Henry Kingi, actor and stuntman


Henry Kingi has been an actor and stuntman for over 20 years. Kingi is rumored to be of Cherokee, African American, and White heritage. His appearance as Goody in Carwash was followed by numerous films.

Henry Kingi met Lindsay Wagner on the set of Bionic Woman, and was married to her from 1981-84. They had two sons: Dorian Henry Kingi (b.9/25/82) and Alex Nathan Kingi (b.9/7/86).  His son Dorian is an actor/stuntsman. Another son from a previous union, Henry Kingi Jr., who was born in 1970, is also a stuntman. 

Kingi appeared in the Bionic Woman episodes “All for One“, “The Pyramid“, and “Rancho Outcast“. He was also the stunt co-ordinator/stuntman during Bionic Woman’s last season. 

Born  Masao Henry Kingi, he has also been known as Henry King, Henri Kingi Sr., Henry Kingi Sr., Henri Kingi, Henry M. Kingi , and  Henry Kinji.

He has performed stunts in over 170 movies, acted in 65 movies, and produced or co-produced three movies.

Henry Kingi has worked as a stunt coordinator and assistant stunt coordinator to Jeff Imada on Rapid Fire, John Carpenter’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and John Carpenter Presents Body Bags among other credits. He performed stunts in both Predator movies and did the motorcycle stunts in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and driving stunts in Total Recall , The Fast and Furious: Tokoyo Drift,  and Leathal Weapon 4, among many others.

Henry Kingi is a cofounder of the Black Stuntmen’s Association, an organization he started with Eddie Smith some 20 years ago.

Henry Kingi, Sr was honored with a special award at the First Americans in the Arts 2002 ceremonies for ‘Lifetime Achievement in Stunts.’ Kingi is also an inductee into the Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall Of Fame.

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