May 19, 2008

Looking for relatives of Clark, Clarke, Cumbers, or Cummberlaw


I’m in search of my history. My mother’s mother was on an indian reservation in upstate New York. All I know is her first name Rachael or Rachel might have been Clark, Clarke, Cumbers, or Cummberlaw.

I’m searching because my mother passed 13 yrs ago and I never grew up knowing anyone or thing about my history. I feel the Indian feeling I long for the knowledge i want to know where I came from and so on.

I’ve been put on earth with no family to call my own I really believe that someone some day will read my many web sites messages and reply maybe with a small glimmer of hope to fullfill my dreams to know where I came from .

What Great Indians where my family and to visit and learn the Indian ways. Thank you for your time ..

My given Indian Name is Bright Eyes I have picked one out for myself because it fits so much better.
Than you again

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